Custom Pickups 


If you didn’t find the pickup that corresponds to you, the BENEDETTI© Custom Shop will be your last chance...

The main asset of the workshop ? Be able to do almost what we want, or rather what YOU want.

A different sound, a particular look or shape, we remain open to all proposals.

One piece made pickups occupy an important place in BENEDETTI© production and remain one of our main motivations.


We have achieved to date a large number of master pieces, both for luthiers as musicians or atypical instruments.

SP-90 Rail
SP-90 Custom Wood Maple
PAF Soap
PAF Kozmic Jazz
P-Soap V Rod
P-Soap 7C Custom Acajou
Mini Hbk Lewis Koa
Mini Hbk Artisan
Mini Hbk Alnico Staple FB'52
MIC L3M Duo Lutherie
Lip-Stick Custom Road Runner
Lip Stick Hbk Flottant_Fashion Week
JFL-S Grellier
JFL Metropolis Custom Wood Koa
JBH5 Custom Wood Humbucker Bass
Hbk Soap Rock Custom Delage
Hbk Phantom Neck
Hbk 51V RoadRunner
Hbk 51 Custom Wood Koa
Filtertron Custom Road Runner
De Armond SJZ Custom Capelli
Custom Cover Gold
CC-Rider Precision