Floating & Acoustic pickup 


Jazz, Acoustic, Gypsy or Resonator, amplifying his guitar better respecting the original sound is a real challenge.

Here gathered the most faithful pickups, in minimum shape that suits best to your instrument.

The strings balance has been optimized or made adjustable regardless of the material: Nickel, Phosphor, Bronze, Gypsy.


Attachment to the pickguard, neck adjustable brackets or clipped on the top, these pickups has been developed considering the maximum opportunity.

Mini Gold Pickguard_02.JPG
Mini ALD Electro-Swing Ergots_04.jpg
Mini ALD Electro Swing Sanseverino_12.JPG
Mini 7 Gold Eq_07.JPG
Hbk Flottant Grellier-Zeb Heintz_05.jpg
Hbk Flottant BK_Zeb Heinz_Grellier_03.JPG