& Restores 


Many pickups we are sent by luthiers, stores, but also individuals, to be restored, rewound or rewired.

When they’re received, we define from where comes the problem, and witches are the parts out of order. We do this testing the winding, magnets, wiring...

Once the diagnosis ended, we list the pickup components (magnets diameter and length, winding wire gauge, coil dimensions and weight, etc...) in comparison to the original specifications.

Once rehabilitated and prepared elements, the pickup will be rewound and finished according to original methods and materials to find his first youth.

Charlie Christian
Tone Master
Tele Bridge '68
Strat '58 Original
Strat '58 Original
Stimer Yves Guen
Steveson Charlie Christian
Simer Villefranche
Schaller Flottant
Rickenbaker Bass
PAF Gibson
P90 Soap '52 Gibson
P-Soap 60'ies
Gibson P13
Flottant Demi-Lune
DUNHAM Type Stimer
De Armond May 1951
De Armond Gretsch
De Armond Flottant 1951